Welcome to the Sport & Physical Activity Online Booking Site

Below are some helpful tips to get you started. You can find some more detailed guidelines if you click on the 'Help' tab above, or if you wish to speak with someone at The Edge or one of our other sites, you can click on the 'Contact Us' tab.

Please note: This facility is only available to Edge members. If you are a Sports Pass Member you will not be able to use this Service. Click here if you would like to find out more about becoming an Edge member.

Use of this service must be in compliance with the University's use of Computer Systems Policy.



How do I Log in?


Student and Staff Edge Members

Student and Staff Edge Members do NOT need to register.

  • From the homepage, select the Log On link located on the right hand side of the page.
  • Enter your University username followed by @leeds.ac.uk (e.g. abcdef@leeds.ac.uk) and your University password (the same details you use for accessing the University’s wireless network – Eduroam). You can now make bookings!


Alumni and Public Edge Members

Alumni and Public Edge Members must first register a new account before logging in.

  • Register a new account
    • From the homepage, select the Register link located on the right hand side of the page
    • Fill out all of the fields on display. Please check the Registration notes below if you are unsure of any entry
    • Click Register
  • Activate your account
    • Confirm the answer to your security question
    • Enter and confirm your desired password
    • Click Activate
    • Congratulations, you are now logged on and ready to start making bookings!
  • Registration notes
    • Please ensure you use an email address that you check on a regular basis. In addition to the account activation email you will receive, this email address will also be used for booking confirmations and re-activation links in the event that you forget your password.
    • You can find your membership card number on the front of your Edge membership card.


How do I Make a Booking?

  • To book a class, squash court or induction please select either Classes or Activities from the selections on the left. Once you have made your selection, you will be asked to pick your activity (either squash or induction) or class (this will default to 'All Classes', allowing you to see all the classes scheduled for that day)
  • Following this, please select your preferred Date. The times will be automatically generated to recognise when the class or activity can take place, and finally click Search.
  • Once you have selected your booking and added it to your basket, you need to confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box and click Checkout.
  • Finally, you will see a summary of the booking you have selected. To confirm the booking is made you must click on the 'Confirm Bookings' link. You will receive a confirmation email of your booking and the confirmation page allows you to print out your receipt if you wish.
  • Please Note: Only a maximum of one squash court booked per day, under one membership name as per our User Terms & Conditions (PDF).


How Far Ahead Can I Book?

  • Members can book squash courts and inductions up to 14 days in advance and classes up to 2 days in advance


How Do I Cancel A Booking?

  • You may cancel a pre-booked class place or activity booking online, using your Account history, provided that the class/activity has not commenced.
  • Click the Account history tab to view your booking history.
  • Use the tabs and dropdown list to locate the class/activity you wish to cancel.
  • Click the delete icon next to the class name/activity to cancel your booking.
  • Your booking will be instantly removed from your booking history.